Saturday, October 6, 2012

Books by Robert Larrison

Warbirds Genesis
Warbirds Universe
Alter World Adventures
Emily’s Unicorn
Emily’s Dragon
Lost World Found
Thunder Royce
Thunder Royce
Thunder Royce
A Little Help from My Friends
The Man They Call Jesus
Pantera Grail Quest
Pantera Born Again
Ghosts of Avalon
Queen of Avalon
Oberon Minor
Shorts by Robert Larrison
Grail Guardian
Lady of the Woods
(Thunder Royce)
New Bird
The Dragons of Bastogne
(Lost World Found)
The Garden of El Dorado
(Emily’s Dragon)
The Last Battle for Camelot
(Thunder Royce
Waking the Warbird
Wilderness Trail
(Derived from or based on these stories.)

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